Lines from the Library – November 2017

In November, the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library (JFHML) looks back at another successful year with gratitude. During 2017, along with the help of the Cuyuna Range community, the Hallett Trusts, the well-established JFHML Friends Foundation, neighboring cities & townships and a devoted Library Board and staff, the JFHML was able to raise over $35,000…

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Jingle Books 2017

IT’S TIME FOR JINGLE BOOKS! The JFHML annual fundraiser DOUBLE YOUR DONATION!! UP TO $10,000 November 16 – December 31 Thank you from the BOTTOM OF OUR BOOTS! The JFHML Friends Foundation is proud to be a part of GIVE-TO-THE-MAX DAY.  On Thursday, November 16, makes it possible for non-profits around the state to set up specific fundraisers to…

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Lines from the Library – October 2017

The Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library Staff, Board and Friends are proud to provide the following events to the Community: Children’s Pre-school Story Hour is in full swing.  October themes include Fire Prevention, Pumpkins & Leaves and Halloween Tales. The Story Hour children will make their annual trek to the Care Center on Wednesday, October…

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Quillmaster Writing Group

What is QUILLMASTERS Writer’s Group? What is Quillmasters? Quillmasters is the Writer’s Group that meets each month at the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library. Can I Join? Anyone is welcome to join Quillmasters. When do you meet? Quillmasters meets the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am at the JFHML. What do you do…

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2016 Year End Stats for the JFHML:

These figures speak volumes about the number of people and the types of services used by the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library now serving its 39th year of service on the Cuyuna Range.

The Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library (JFHML) houses over 43,000 volumes and is open 44 per week. 24/7 card catalog access is provided via the Library website and there are 2600 e-book titles which can be accessed through either the website or via

E-Reader device help is offered each Monday afternoon from 4-6 p.m.
In 2016- 26,329 people walked through the doors of the JFHML.
Over 36,774 books, e-books, audiobooks, DVDs and magazines were checked out.
5,800 people used one of the nine computer lab PCs available in the Le Connection area.
Over 3,000 accessed FREE wireless capabilities.
The JFHML offers 8 i-pads for in-house usage, 2 laptops and 2 DELL tablets for teens in the Curbside area, and 2 Leap Pads for preschoolers.

1085 NEW materials were entered into the computer catalog system and 3206 were deleted from that system. The Library strives to keep current, up-to-date resources and provide the latest in fiction and non-fiction reading materials. Included in the collection are all genres for all ages. The JFHML houses 43,000 volumes in the library (this statistic includes all formats i.e. books, Large Print, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.)

2,600 e-book titles are now available for downloading through the Overdrive App. This collection is made possible with contributions from the $36,750 Technology & Literacy grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation (received in 2012), a partnership with C-I School District #182, and continued support from the Friends Foundation and funds raised during the annual Jingle Books campaign.

In 2016, 3,775 e-books were downloaded and enjoyed!

Subscriptions to 108 periodicals are on hand and 8 local, state and national newspapers are enjoyed by patrons daily. Along with a hard copy, the Library also has a courtesy weekly issue of the Courier available on-line.

Over 400 were assisted with their taxes by on-site Tax Help provided by AARP & RSVP. This program will be offered again beginning February 1.  Appointments are required.  Please call the Library at 218-546-8005 to schedule.

In 2016-270 new patrons signed up for Library Cards.  There are 4,200 active patrons. Students of the C-I school district are encouraged to utilize the JFHML collection, both on-site and in e-book format.

The 501(c-3) JFHML Friends Foundation, established in February 2011, continues to support the sustainability of the Library with its active 300 individual, family & business members.  Each year the Friends host a Membership Drive & an assortment of fundraising activities, including the successful Backstreet Books, used bookstore. This year the Friends held a Jessie’s June Jumble Book Sale, and held their second annual Holiday Open House.  Jingle Books raised over $16,600 for book purchases in 2017. In 2016 2265 Volunteer Hours were recorded. The Friends collected $3,940 in membership fees and had sales exceeding $5300 in the Backstreet Bookstore -which celebrated its six year anniversary in July-additional fundraisers brought in over $2000 of revenue. All proceeds from the Friends directly benefit programs, services, materials and technology at the JFHML. In 2016 the Friends Foundation sponsored the following: 8th annual American Girl Doll Tea, Holiday Open House, Constant Contact e-newsletter, Hot Reads for Cold Nights, additional audiobook & e-book purchases, Book Pages (a monthly book lovers catalog), Free Family Movie Days, movie licensing, Summer Reading Program, Pre-school Story Hour, promotional magnets, Jessie’s June Jumble Book Sale, two Volunteer Appreciations, partnership with  IU2U (It’s Up to YOU!)-Teen Mentorship program-book device help and MORE!

The Library website, continues to inform and highlight Library activities since its start-up date of September 1, 2009. This site was updated monthly by John See of Tadpole Media. The JFHML currently has 431 Facebook Friends. Please “friend” the Library today! In 2017, John See will be retiring and we welcome Zach Asbach as our new webmaster.

Story Hour was held 38 times, to a total attendance of 1,893.

The 33rd year of the popular Summer Reading Program READ FOR THE WIN, was a GREAT success in July with 25 volunteers in attendance the four Thursday mornings of programming. A total attendance of 467 was recorded over the 4 week program.

While strengthening the impact the Library is able to have with all age groups, in 2016, the JFHML focused on the teen population with the continuation of IU2U (It’s Up to You!) teen mentoring project :  IU2U is a community program for youth fostering partnerships & relationships through positive interaction, beautification, literacy and mentoring. During the first year (2015), IU2U teams created three Little Free Libraries, located in Crosby and Deerwood, which were dedicated in June, July and August.  The focus for 2017 will be the creation of JUNCTION 101, a creative Make & Do Zone geared towards ages 8-12. This area will be opening in March. The teen area, Curbside, offers a large flat screen TV & Blu-ray player,  2 Dell tablets and an XBOX360 with Minecraft and other assorted games. Together we will work collaboratively to create opportunities to connect for all ages within our community.

There are 102 “In Honor of”/”In Memory of” plaques displayed on shelving in the Library.

In 2016, the Library collected/raised over $42,000.00. This does not include monies from the Hallett Trust or the City of Crosby. Over $16,600 was raised for the 2017 book budget with the 6th annual Jingle Books campaign held in November & December (which included a $10,000 matching grant from the Hallett Charitable Trust.)

In 2017, the Staff, Board and Friends look ahead to more programming for the community and the continuation of services. The goal is to clearly communicate the $35,000 funding which must be raised, and work together with the community to maintain and sustain the programming, technology, materials and services provided by the JFHML. The work of the Otto Bremer Foundation Literacy & Technology grant will continue by working with the schools to assure access for all students. The work of the Initiative Foundation and their past support will continue to enhance the social enterprise projects and financial resiliency of the Friends Foundation.