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Electronic Sign Dedication
August 15, 2014

Signs exist to help us communicate. They can be directional, inspirational and informative. The Board, Staff and Friends of the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library have been dreaming of their own sign for quite awhile.

If we’ve learned anything these past few years, it’s that when we dream and put our heads together, we can do just about anything. A lot of it has to do with hard work, but a large portion of it exists because of creativity, passion and people with like-minded hearts who are willing to work together for a common goal which makes our Cuyuna Lakes Community a better place to live, work and play.

Also a tad of stubborness helps! As Jeanette Smith would say, “SISU!” This is the hearty Finnish cry of strength, determination and fortitude.

Our sincere apprecation to:

The Hallett Charitable Trusts who each year entrust us to do the work that Mr. Hallett would require to fulfill his vision of a living memorial to his beloved wife, Jessie Fern.

This sign would not be here today without their steadfast support.

Thank you to the Minnesota Power Foundation, who helped to make this project a reality with much needed grant funds. They too believe in the power of “community connections.”

Thank you to the JFHML Friends who are growing and thriving in strength and numbers.  The Friends and their varied talents are essential to seeing an idea come to fruition from start to finish. In June, the  monies raised by the  Friend’s fundraiser Jessie’s Boutique II,  were dedicated to “Light up the Library!” They are go-getters and get-doners and we are proud to call them Friends.

Thank you to our grant writer extraordinaire, Mary Gaviglio. She puts our vision into words which our benefactors can clearly see.

Thank you to Kerrie Erikstrup of K & M Signs, she worked with us from our fledgling spark of ideas and helped us to create this monument which reflects the integrity and beauty of the JFHML.

Thank you to Jim Goshey of A-1 Electric. The fact that he ultimately was responsible for “lighting up” our sign, is a reflection of his skill as a master electrician.

And thank you to our Cuyuna Lakes Community. You support your library wholeheartedly. We are proud to serve you and your families. And we hope to communicate with you for years to come!       THANK YOU!!


Cat Tale Corner
Now Open For Play!
We built it and now they will come.
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This project is a finalist for the Minnesota Association of Library Friends (MALF) Evy Nordley Award to be announced at the Mankato MLA conference in October.

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