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Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library

Crosby, Minnesota



Row 1 (L to R): Mike Beseres, Sandy Arcand, Deb Weide, Joan Hasskamp,Kim Gibson, Don Boucher, Greg Maddux - Row 2 (L to R): Vernice Grgurich, Doris Carlson, Molly Milberry, Anita Wilharm, Kathy Langie, Avis Puchreiter, Jill Erickson, Linda Himmelright, Tori O'Connor, Abby Gibson, Linda Kovatovich, Chelsie Meyer - Row 3 (L to R): Peggi Beseres, Sharon Beaman, Barbara Ukura, Judy Hanson, Marian Segersten, Lela Gould, Becky Munns, Pat Wimmer, Rick Wimmer, Gabe Gibson, Joan Hallada  - Row 4 (L to R): Ed Hervin, Ken Johnson, Jenny Smith, Amy Sharpe, Cathy Aykens, Nancy Herberg, Kay Chismar, Larry Chismar, Virg Panitzke, Dwight Munns, Cary Klingner

~Photo by Elly Mailhot

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Author Talk
Features Stories of India

Ken Kerkhoff grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota. He studied forestry and finance, and as a Peace Corps agriculture volunteer in India, his letters home were published in his hometown Morgan Messenger.

Those letters form the groundwork for Paper Boat. Across the world, born in a remote village on the west coast of India, S.M. Pejathaya wrote about wild tigers, buffalo and boar that roamed his coconut farm. Pejathaya and Kerkhoff crossed paths in their 20s and struck up an immediate friendship.

The common denominators were working in agriculture and storytelling. Together they have coauthored the book Paper Boat: Discovering India with a Master Storyteller which will be the focus of an Author Talk at the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library, Crosby, Thursday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m.

Their stories offer a refreshing look at a remarkable country, its people, customs and its maze of religious proclivity. Join Mr. Kerkhoff as he presents Paper Boat. The stories will have you tasting the hot curries and feeling the village dust settle on your shoulders. Hear the creaks of the bullock carts and watch the elders, in their pure white dhotis gather under the acacia tree to discuss local events…

Author Talks are sponsored by the JFHML Friends Foundation, are FREE and open to the public.  Refreshments served.


Helping Hands at Hallett
Photos & Story by Jill Hannah Anderson

Anyone who loves books would be lost, or broke,
without their local library - plain and simple.  As much as I love to read, there is no way I can buy every single book I want to read.  So all you book lovers out there, go hug your local library.  Or at least a librarian or two.  And the book lovers in the Crosby area owe an enormous hug to E. W. and Jessie Hallett. …….

…… I recently attended an event where author William Kent Krueger spoke about libraries and librarians and....To continue reading this Her Voice article, CLICK HERE!


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Your story is our story.  We cater to the curiousand we are waiting on
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