Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library

Crosby, Minnesota



101 1st St SE   •   Crosby, MN 56441   •   Phone: 218-546-8005   •   FAX: 218-546-7287
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Fall-Winter Hours
(Labor Day-Memorial Day)

Monday…10am to 6pm

Tuesday…10am to 8pm

Wednesday…10am to 6pm

Thursday…10am to 8pm

Friday/Saturday…10am to 2pm

Spring- Summer Hours

(Memorial Day-Labor Day)

Monday...10am to 6pm

Tuesday…10am to 8pm

Wednesday...10am to 6pm

Thursday...10am to 8pm

Friday...10am to 6pm


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Thank you to the many JFHML supporters who attended our electronic sign didication and
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Cat Tale Corner
Now Open For Play!
We built it and now they will come.
Check the Youth page for complete details

Your Story’s Due...... and It Matters!

We want to hear from you. How has the Library impacted
your life? Made a difference? Helped you to make connections, achieve a goal or better your life?  Briefly share your story with us and if we feature your Library Story on our website you will be awarded a FREE book selection from Backstreet Books, a JFHML Friends Foundation project. Your story is our story. We cater to the curious and we are waiting on your every word. Send or eMail us your story today.


Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library

Crosby, Minnesota


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